Road to Renton Wakepark, San Nicolas.

Many of us, city creatures with a wild spirit, might know that every weekend is a new opportunity for a perfect getaway, escaping from the city, from the noise, the pollution, the crowd, the sound of horns, motors, and continues wasting of money.

Also, living in a city, with not mountains to hike, climb or ski, sea to surfs, rapids to paddle or raft… gets you creative to plan some adventure, getting out and enjoy. Makes you feel at some point a weekeng warrior!


So this weekend, here in the mist of a 36.C Buenos Aires, we planned to get out and camp. Most of the close by options are farms, we live in the Pampa state…. ad we found out about this new cable wakepark 2.5hrs from the city: summer, water, sports and camping sounded like a plan.

We got all packed up for a light one night camp, got all wake gear all together, and hit the road. I guess it’s oranges season down here, because on the roadside there were many orange stands to buy, we got a medium bag. Much more cheaper than on the regular markets.


Among from Buenos Aires, and maybe 2 other cities, there are no big cities in Argentina. Most of them are rural, as San Nicolas, the one we where heading to.


We got there early, not many people. The place looked sketchy, but the “make you feel gnarly” kinda sketchy park. So it was pretty fun, and looking forward to play on it!



San Nicolas, is a very small city in Buenos Aires, and its mainly known for a saint. Behind the cablepark you could see a huge cupula, it remind me of Texas’ Capitol!… but it was the sanctuary.



The owners told us they started a few months ago, and they built their own features. Totally could tell that.



Renton_SN29Renton_SN24 Renton_SN23 Renton_SN22 Renton_SN21

Renton_SN35 Renton_SN19

The spent the day chilling at the sand until our turn. It was fun, but you had to get used to this features. It felt like more street spots, but inside a cablepark.





After all, it was a nice healthy weekend.

Special thanks to @paezshoes and @corona_argentina :)

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