White Park, White Day.

So we were on our way to Breckenridge, and decided to stop by a campground area of the White River National Park. There was only one RV parked. It was cold. It was white. We took some pics of the RV, I just love RVs… and then continued to Breck… which was all painted in white.


whitepark_whiteday1_1 whitepark_whiteday1_2


whitepark_whiteday1_5   whitepark_whiteday1_8



whitepark_whiteday1_3whitepark_whiteday1_10 whitepark_whiteday1_11  whitepark_whiteday1_13 whitepark_whiteday1_14 whitepark_whiteday1_15 whitepark_whiteday1_16 whitepark_whiteday1_17 whitepark_whiteday1_18 whitepark_whiteday1_19 whitepark_whiteday1_20 whitepark_whiteday1_21 whitepark_whiteday1_22 whitepark_whiteday1_23 whitepark_whiteday1_24 whitepark_whiteday1_25 whitepark_whiteday1_26 whitepark_whiteday1_27 whitepark_whiteday1_28

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