Meadows Cove

Meadows Cove is the place where we live in Colorado for the first 2 weeks of our trip. It is in the town of Dillon, in the Summit County.

The past few years we came to snowboard to this area, we stayed at Silverthorne and in Frisco, and we loved the county. Where we are now is a little apartment 2 miles away from Keystone, and it feels so good :)

It’s mostly a residential area, not many stores around. Only a little commercial plaza with: a pizzeria, a coffee shop, liquor store, and a pub. Maybe all you need?

Our typical day starts with a 6am alarm. We wake up, have breakfast, and after he coffee comes the scrapping. Since we got here everyday is a snowday. So scrapping the snow from the windshield became an everyday routine.
Thomas loves our neighbors as they ride Jeeps.

Meadow Cove1_10

Meadow Cove1_6

Meadow Cove1

Meadow Cove1_1 Meadow Cove1_2

Meadow Cove1_5Meadow Cove1_3 Meadow Cove1_4

Meadow Cove1_7  Meadow Cove1_8 Meadow Cove1_9  Meadow Cove1_11

Meadow Cove1_13Meadow Cove1_12  Meadow Cove1_14

Cala: the local pub.

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