When traveling for a long time, and specially if we are doing sports, we have to do laundry ofter. Frisco is a very nice town, and here we found a very decent Laundromat to do our stuff. On the waiting time, we had fun in there. Laundry, not so good, we need practice.

laundry 1

laundry 1_1

laundry 1_3 laundry 1_18

laundry 1_7

laundry 1_14

laundry 1_12

laundry 1_11laundry 1_16

laundry 1_15

laundry 1_13

laundry 1_17laundry 1_9 laundry 1_8laundry 1_6 laundry 1_5 laundry 1_4laundry 1_2

laundry 1

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