Moab is a small town in eastern Utah with a aprox population of 5000 people. It is known for it National Parks, and for being a mountain bike mecca.
All the city has a total area of 9.4 km2.

It’s mainly based on tourism, you can find many hotels options (mainly motels and b&b’s), places to eat, many 4 wheeled rentals, and bike shops. We decided to go for mountain biking around the area, and some parks, so we rented the bikes at ‘Poison Spider Bicycles’. The daily rental was about 50$u, but it totally worth it for a brand new double suspension bike. There are not many National Parks with bike trails, we did some researched and headed over Dead Horse Point National Park, where there are. It was amazing.

At night, you can see all Moab town lighted up with small bulbs, and surrounded by this massive walls of red rocks.








moab1_35 moab1_2

moab1moab1_3 moab1_4


Waking up in Moab

moab1_5  moab1_7  moab1_9 moab1_10 moab1_11 moab1_12 moab1_13 moab1_14 moab1_15 moab1_16 moab1_17 moab1_18 moab1_19 moab1_20 moab1_21 moab1_22  moab1_24 moab1_25 moab1_26 moab1_27

moab1_40moab1_37 moab1_38 moab1_39

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