Road to Moab

Moab is a little town in south Utah. It’s known for it National (rocks) Parks and for being a cycling mecca.  As we were in Aspen, aprox 300km away from it, we thought it was a good idea to go and visit this amazing place. We drove by for about 3 or 4 hours until we got there, and it was amazing how the vegetation, colors, and terrain changed as we were entering Utah. Is feels you are entering to a complete different planet.

We were excited to see the Utah Welcome sign, so we didn’t doubt it to stop by, set the camera timer and do some shots. From the border, to Moab, was about an hour / or 40 min. Totally wowing.



utah1_1utah1_24 utah1_23 utah1_22 utah1_21  utah1_19 utah1_18 utah1_17




utah1_12utah1_13  utah1_11

utah1_8utah1_10   utah1_7  utah1_5   utah1_2

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