Maui Bound. – HI

We spent one day in Oahu, and decided to spend the other days we had in Hawaii between Maui and Kauai. So next stop was Maui.
We arrived on the afternoon, but we were 2hrs delayed at the car rental, so we were finally released from the airport at 4pm.

We were hungry, and we must say in Hawaii there aren’t many food stops on the road. Most of the fruit cars on the side road are closed. On our way to Lahaina (where the hotel was) we found this place Leoda’s, which was very nice and stop there for our late lunch. I think it’s famous for its pies, because everyone who went there took pies to go. We had a banana pie, too creamy.

We got to the hotel by sunset, so we drop our stuff and went to have a walk by the Kaanapali Beach. Thomas had a inaugural bath at the Pacific shores.

Next day we headed north, we wanted to do some surfing. We went to this surfer town called Paia, it’s very nice, I wished we have stayed there. So much layed back that the ‘resort town” Lahaina…. We took a look at Hookipa, a famous surf spot, and the sea was wild and rage! Not for us. We tour around the shore, and found a more tamed sea at Paia Beach.
Went to rent some boards, and had a little fun playing there.

Afterwards we head back to Hookipa, and saw the famous “HONU” this big turtles that choose this beach to lay at the sun. Its surreal to see them going in and out the sea among the surfers.
Maui is a very famous “wind/kite”surfing destination, and we can affirm that, the wind was furious and the sea was all spotted with windsurfers.

Before heading back, we had dinner at ” Fish Market” a famous spot at Paia, were you can have the best fish in town… or so. It was good :)

IMG_5651  IMG_5655 IMG_5659 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset S Maui1_1 S Maui1_2

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset IMG_5691S Maui1_3 S Maui1_4 S Maui1_5 S Maui1_6

S Maui1_8 S Maui1_9 S Maui1_10 S Maui1_14  S Maui1_17 S Maui1_18 S Maui1_19 S Maui1_20 S Maui1_21 S Maui1_22 S Maui1_23 S Maui1_24   S Maui1_28  S Maui1_30 S Maui1_31 S Maui1_32 S Maui1_33 S Maui1_34 S Maui1_35 S Maui1_36 S Maui1_37 S Maui1_38 S Maui1_39 S Maui1_40 S Maui1_41 S Maui1_42  S Maui1_44 S Maui1_45 S Maui1_46 S Maui1_47 S Maui1_48 S Maui1_49 S Maui1_50 S Maui1_51  S Maui1_53 S Maui1_54

S Maui1_56S Maui1_55  S Maui1_57 S Maui1_58 S Maui1_59 S Maui1_60 S Maui1_61 S Maui1_62 S Maui1_63  S Maui1_65   S Maui1_68

S Maui1_67S Maui1_69 S Maui1_70

S Maui1_72S Maui1_71  S Maui1_73 S Maui1_74

S Maui1_76

S Maui1_82

S Maui1_77S Maui1_78 S Maui1_79 S Maui1_80 S Maui1_81  S Maui1_83 S Maui1_84 S Maui1_85

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