Our Road to Hana.

Road to Hana: is a popular day trip if you are a Maui visitor. It is a short but long way to Hana. Is not that long aprox. 84 km + the distance from where you are to the start of the road… but what makes it long are the endless curves all along, and the many must stops at the popular milestops.

The first stop is Twin Falls: a 3 km hike to a waterfall (double falls). If you google road to Hana, you can find where the popular must seen stops are, and many blogs about it. We followed a few of them… most of the stops you can recognize them because there are just many cars parked there.

The one we liked the most, it was one that was not marked. After the botanic garden (which, except you are planning to dedicate a few hours walking around there, don’t go) we saw a black sand bay. We found a kind of hidden road, and head the beach. If you have a 4×4 car you can enter the beach, There was no one there, and we decided to picnic.*

After that, to some other waterfalls to have some baths and refresh ourselves. And last stop, the famous Wainapanapa black sand beach, Which is amazing.

It was a nice, long to Hana.

*There are no services on the road, make sure to take some food to picnic, and start with your full tank.

Road to Hana1_1 Road to Hana1_2 Road to Hana1_3 Road to Hana1_5 Road to Hana1_4 Road to Hana1_9 Road to Hana1_6 Road to Hana1_7 Road to Hana1_8 Road to Hana1_10 Road to Hana1_11 Road to Hana1_12 Road to Hana1_14 Road to Hana1_13

Processed with VSCOcam with c5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset Road to Hana1_15 Road to Hana1_16 Road to Hana1_17 Road to Hana1_18 Road to Hana1_19 Road to Hana1_20 Road to Hana1_21 Road to Hana1_22 Road to Hana1_23 Road to Hana1_24 Road to Hana1_25 Road to Hana1_26 Road to Hana1_27 Road to Hana1_28 Road to Hana1_29 Road to Hana1_30 Road to Hana1_31 Road to Hana1_32 Road to Hana1_33 Road to Hana1_34 Road to Hana1_35 Road to Hana1_36  Road to Hana1_39

Road to Hana1_38Road to Hana1_40  Road to Hana1_41 Road to Hana1_42 Road to Hana1_43 Road to Hana1_44 Road to Hana1_46 Road to Hana1_48 Road to Hana1_47 Road to Hana1_49 Road to Hana1_50 Road to Hana1_52 Road to Hana1_53 Road to Hana1_54 Road to Hana1_56 Road to Hana1_57 Road to Hana1_58

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 presetRoad to Hana1_60 Road to Hana1_61 Road to Hana1_62 Road to Hana1_64 Road to Hana1_63 Road to Hana1_65 Road to Hana1_66 Road to Hana1_67

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 presetRoad to Hana1_69 Road to Hana1_70 Road to Hana1_72 Road to Hana1_73 Road to Hana1_74 Road to Hana1_75 Road to Hana1_77 Road to Hana1_78 Road to Hana1_79      Road to Hana1_85 Road to Hana1_84 Road to Hana1_83 Road to Hana1_82 Road to Hana1_81 Road to Hana1_80   Road to Hana1_106 Road to Hana1_105 Road to Hana1_104 Road to Hana1_103 Road to Hana1_102 Road to Hana1_101 Road to Hana1_100 Road to Hana1_99 Road to Hana1_98 Road to Hana1_97 Road to Hana1_96 Road to Hana1_95 Road to Hana1_94

Road to Hana1_86

Road to Hana1_90

Road to Hana1_88

Road to Hana1_87

Road to Hana1_89

Road to Hana1_93Road to Hana1_92 Road to Hana1_91

Road to Hana1_109

Road to Hana1_108

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