Call it a day.

After riding for a couple of days non stop, we decided to call it a day. And hands down, it was a awesome day to skip the chilly Brecken-fridge. That morning was way too cold to be outside. We started the car, and a couple minute later after de-freezing we head to Boulder.
Boulder its a beautiful city located at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, NW of Denver. It is famous for it Western history, being a choice of destination of the late 60’s hippies. We stop by many interesting towns across the way.
The city of Boulder acquires top rankings in health, well-being, quality of life, education and art. You can see and smell that. Can’t wait to get back, with a little less inches of snow :)

idaho1_1 idaho1_2 idaho1_3 idaho1_4 idaho1_5 idaho1_6 idaho1_7


idaho1_63idaho1_61 idaho1_62  idaho1_64 idaho1_65 idaho1_66

idaho1_71idaho1_67   idaho1_70   idaho1_73 idaho1_74 idaho1_75 idaho1_76 idaho1_77 idaho1_78  idaho1_80  idaho1_82  idaho1_84


idaho1_83 idaho1_86


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