Road to Patagonia.

A month ago we were summer snowboarding in Oregon, and when people asked us where were we from, they couldn’t believe we were summer shredding during our winter. Is not that we actually travelled to Oregon for summer snowboarding, but at least, it took us the same time to fly to Oregon (counting the stop in Dallas) or to drive to our mountains in Patagonia 17hs. …
Anyway, its a big effort for people in Buenos Aires to reach the snow. We woke up 4:30 and 6am enrouted to San Martin de los Andes. We only stopped for gas, and for only one short stop to stretch up our legs and make Annika (our dog) pee.

11pm we arrived to San Martin de los Andes, a beautiful city down south in Patagonia. Spring vibes were everywhere and the town was painted in green and pink.

So glad we made it.


snma_2 Patagonia

snma_4Patagonia_4Patagonia_1 Patagonia_2  Patagonia_5 snma_10




Patagonia_6 Patagonia_7


snma_53Patagonia_9 Patagonia_10  Patagonia_12 Patagonia_13   Patagonia_8 (1)


Patagonia_1 (1)


Patagonia (1)


snma_13 snma_14 snma_15 snma_16

snma_50snma_17   snma_29

snma_18snma_33 snma_39 snma_40 snma_42


Special thanks to
@k2snow and @k2snowalliance

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