San Martin de Los Andes, Spring Patagonia

Spring time is known for flowers blooming, flirting, births, and the funniest snowboarding. Soft and playful terrain, mild weather, and lots of sunshine. It’s our favorite time to go riding.
We spent a week of pure joy at Chapelco Ski Resort at San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina. Fun and creative runs: woods, bumps, a fun park, and endless stunning views of the Patagonia.
During spring time, days are also longer, which means more time to enjoy the day after riding. We visited the San Martin lake (Lacar) and the beautiful Quila Quina with it unique peaceful beach and beautiful pier.
We had almost 17hs on our way back, so we left about 6am – enjoyed quite a beautiful sunrise on the road. Sure it was one week for the books.

Patagonia_11 (1) snma_62


snma_64snma_63   snma_67

snma_65 snma_71


snma_74 Patagonia_14 (1)  snma_81



snma_85 snma_86

Patagonia_15 snma_93 snma_94 snma_95 snma_96

snma_88snma_100 snma_101 snma_102 snma_105

Patagonia_17 snma_108




snma_112snma_113 snma_114 snma_116

Patagonia_19snma_119   Patagonia_22 Patagonia_23

Patagonia_32Patagonia_27 Patagonia_29






Patagonia_11Patagonia_7   Patagonia_13  snma_77


Patagonia_44 Patagonia_45 Patagonia_46 Patagonia_48 Patagonia_50 Patagonia_51 Patagonia_54 Patagonia_55 Patagonia_58



Patagonia_62Patagonia_61  Patagonia_63 Patagonia_64   Patagonia_67 Patagonia_69

Patagonia_66Patagonia_72 Patagonia_73 Patagonia

Special thanks to @cerro_chapelco and @publicopressgroup
@k2snow and @k2snowalliance

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  1. wow guys what a set, love how much effort you go to take all the photos I know how time consuming it is while out exploring and boarding but its so worth it , Annika mid flight across the water shot is epic!.. looks like a mint week :) !!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Cameron! and yes, as you said its a lot of effort to carry the stuff around while snowboarding, and also, to break a pause and shoot while having fun. Anyhow, as we can’t ride as frequent as we wish too, it’s great to freeze up the good times :)
      thanks for the good vibes!

      Liked by 1 person

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