Cruisin’ Rowena

Rowena loop its not another loop. I’ve seen this loop in many shots, posts, ads and commercials, but I’ve never knew it was in Oregon. We were in Oregon at that point, and it was close by, so without any doubts we drove by and of course, brought our mini cruiser with us.

It is located at the Columbia River Gorge, together with many other spectacular sceneries.

It was a really hot day, so on our way we had to stop by  Horse Tail Falls for a cold dip. This fall is right next to the road, so just need to park, and swim. No hike needed.
Once refreshed we continued to Rowena, with a lower sun, and ready to cruise.

We went up the viewpoint, and take a look. Thomas dropped me down at the loop and returned to the viewpoint to shoot me. It was hard, with the wind and distance, to hear him. So I just dropped and hoped the pictures came out good.

Sincerely the road is not the best for a cruise, it is thick and damaged, with lots of little stones and gravel. But whatever, I was there! and it worth it :)

We drove out by sunset, and stopped by Hood River for a local beer. For a perfect closure, we remain stargazing for a while.


Special thanks to @scandinavianarg and Nike Argentina.




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  1. yes! nice one guys, such an epic loop glad you hit it up with the board! surely that would make a great print for the wall.. , lovely shots all round & your perspective & editing is so enjoyable.


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