Pacific Scenic Hwy, Indeed.

After Portland, we were eager to explore the Pacific Coast – our plans were to start up north, and going down south until we had to divert towards Crater Lake – where we planned to stay for a day or two.
We were surprised by the beauty of the roads; leaving the city in between of dense green woods, through western fishing villages, awesome natural landmarks and Old-style seaside resorts, and breathtaking sea side cliffs. The amazing Pacific Scenic Byway ( Highway 101) is for books.

After having lunch at Alice’s Country House, we continue our way to Cannon Beach, but first we had to stop by Garibaldi, which amazed us with it small fishing village nestled against a hillside at the northern end of Tillamook Bay.

At the Pier, commercial fisherman sling fresh Dungeness crabs, ling cod, rockfish, and even octopus up to the docks. Sport fishermen tell tales at the filet table and local watering holes about record Chinook, tuna and halibut. Kayakers paddle out to spot bald eagles, pigeon guillemots, and purple martins.

After a walk around the marine, we continued our way up north.
No wonder why the Oregon coast is one of the most photographed regions in the US.

Garibaldi_Oregon _1Garibaldi_Oregon _2Garibaldi_Oregon _3Garibaldi_Oregon _4Garibaldi_Oregon _8Garibaldi_Oregon _9Garibaldi_Oregon _11Garibaldi_Oregon _14Garibaldi_Oregon _17Garibaldi_Oregon _19Garibaldi_Oregon _23Garibaldi_Oregon _24Garibaldi_Oregon _27Garibaldi_Oregon _30Garibaldi_Oregon _25Garibaldi_Oregon _32Garibaldi_Oregon _33Garibaldi_Oregon _36Garibaldi_Oregon _35Garibaldi_Oregon _41Garibaldi_Oregon _39Garibaldi_Oregon _43Garibaldi_Oregon _46Garibaldi_Oregon _48Garibaldi_Oregon _49Garibaldi_Oregon _51Garibaldi_Oregon _52Garibaldi_Oregon _53Garibaldi_Oregon _54Garibaldi_Oregon _60Garibaldi_Oregon _55Garibaldi_Oregon _62Garibaldi_Oregon _63Garibaldi_Oregon _66Garibaldi_Oregon _70Garibaldi_Oregon _74Garibaldi_Oregon _71Garibaldi_Oregon _76

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