Hiking Crater Lake

It was late in the afternoon, and so far we were having an amazing day, Crater Lake National Park  it’s just a magical place, so we were looking for the perfect sunset, to relax and have some local brews.

We found out that “Watchman Hike” was a good one for fishing a good sunset… It was about a 30 min of moderate steep and enjoyable hike with unreal overlooks.

Once there, the views were breathtaking. You could see all the park from above, the Crater of course and it intensely blue lake ringed by cliffs, and to the other side the mountains of California.

The sunset was the most amazing sunset I ever seen – like a ‘full moon’ sunset. The lightning was so perfect, and you could see a perfectly rounded sun because of a fire in California, were the smoke acted as the best filter you could ever ask for.

So far – this is the most incredible sunset we’ve experienced.

IMG_3318-copy-2IMG_3416-copy-2Crater Lake_4Crater Lake_7Crater Lake_24Crater Lake_1IMG_3386-copyIMG_3343IMG_3370IMG_3372


Crater Lake_4Crater Lake_28Crater Lake_6Crater Lake_27Crater Lake_10Crater Lake_13Crater Lake_11Crater Lake_26Crater Lake_14Crater Lake_15Crater Lake_12Crater Lake_16Crater Lake_22Crater Lake_17Crater Lake Sunset_5Crater Lake_18Crater Lake Sunset_11Crater Lake_19Crater Lake Sunset_1IMG_3474-copy-2Crater Lake Sunset_3Crater Lake_23Crater Lake Sunset_7

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