Railroad Alaska

After a couple of days around Anchorage and Alyeska ski resort, we were ready for our next stop: Fairbanks. After many flights we decided to go on the “Railroad Alaska” and experience the famous Alaska’s ride. We were really exited about it, as we use to watch the ” Railroad Alaska” TV show on Discovery Channel…

We wait for it at the train station, no baggage limit or weight limit, no security, no customs, so convenient and awesome views. Along the way to Fairbanks,  you go across de Denali National Park and it’s stunning views. It was really disappointment not to see any bears, but we did get to see a couple of big horns sheep, and wowing views. Staring at the windows was like watching a wallpaper.

The interest fact about this train is that connects Swear and Fairbanks, through the  Denalis National Park, it carries people and merchandise through 800 km, most people who live in Alaska are off the grid, and to get any supplies and fuel, they actually need to wait for the train to come by,  so can actually see them waiting by the rail road train. During winter there is only one round trip, so they have one chance a week to access to supplies, or to any town. We got lucky enough to see the old man with the hook as a hand, and the crew camera filming him for the show.

We spent 12hs hours in the train, wo we had enough time to read, eat, sleep, eat, read and sleep. They also jumped into the train the reality show people and made some footage…

While we pass through the Denali National Park, you can see the town and the hotels, it was like a ghost town, nobody was around, most of the tourist go to Alaska in summer time, when fishing, camping and trekking it’s nicer to do, and fishing for salmon season it’s open. Since it was the last part of our 2-month trip, we didn’t make enough research on the destination and what to do, but still, it was interesting to be there and experience a little bit of Alaska.

Although the train is a hell of an experience, we wouldn’t ride the 12th hours back haha.
huninton_18 huninton_19 huninton_20huninton_22 huninton_21

huninton_22huninton_28 huninton_29 huninton_31

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  1. You´re so lucky, the opportunity to travel these places is amazing, I discovered your instragram account and blog by instagrames and since I did it I enjoy a lot throw your photos, I hope I can learn more about photography thanks to you


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