Big Sur

On our trip to California, we made sure to drove by Big Sur – known from winding turns, seaside cliffs and the misty coastline views.
We were on our way back from Yosemite, and wanted to spend one or two days in this magical place. The drive is mainly what it makes it worth it, the pines, the seaside turns, and the bridges you cross make this US-1 stretch perfect.
In there, we thought about surfing or doing some water activities but there wasn’t really a place for that…more of a place to stare and admire.

As we were cruising the state in the Front Runner full equipped Jeep – we had to find a campsite to spend the night. We read reviews about a few of them, we drove by some, and there were packed on not really a place where to enjoy the best of Big Sur. Finally we found about Kirk Creek Campground, the most rated one, but it said it was hard to get a campsite. Luckily, when we arrived, there were few spots lefts, and we managed to get the last sea view site :)

It was one of the most beautiful campground we ever been, and just because of the views, and the exclusivity of being just a few of us hanging there.

We took a hike down to the rocks, and enjoy a little bit of the area. The sea cliffs are just stunning. Watching the sun set at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is unique, and the lights of dawn are some of the most beautiful experiences you can have around.

Unlikely, because the dry weather, we couldn’t start a fire – that was the only bad thing about Big Sur.


Special thanks to @frontrunneroutfitters and @herschelsupply .

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  1. Great pictures and story! That’s amazing. I’ll be traveling along to California, Big Sur, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, etc on May start.
    I was wondering if you rented that Jeep and where, given that I plan to rent a Campervan or similar, and that Jeep looks awesome.
    Congrats for your posts!

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