ROTORUA: Steaming NZ

We couldn’t leave behind the Thermal Discovery during our trip to New Zealand.
Rotorua is a highlight of the North Island, where to admire many geothermal activity as to get close to the Maori Culture.
(It’s only a few hours away from Auckland, and its a great point to stop by if you are roadtripping around the North Island)

Once we were getting closer to Rotorua, we could see the landscape steaming. There are many attractions in town to visit or get active, we only had one day and a half to explore and get the most out of it. For our stay, we made sure to have some Maori experience, and of course to visit some geothermal features.

We decided to visit the Wai-o-tapu Thermal Wonderland, as many locals recommended us because of it diverse thermal features.
Wai-O-Tapu means Sacred Waters, and on our way t we drove across several bubbly mud pools and steaming hot springs, the roads were so amazing we couldn’t stop ourselves to slow down, stop sideways and push around with our penny boards.

In Wai-o-Tapu you can find the Lady Gnox Geyser, many Mud Pools all around, and the a magnificient Geothermal Area,  which the amazing Champagne Pool one the most amazing sightings we had ever seen. No wonder why this placer is considered to be New Zealand’s most colourful and diverse geothermal sightseeing attraction.

For the Maori Experience, Tai-Pu Maori was sold out… si if you consider visiting make sure to reserve in advance!… other recommended us to visit Mitai Maori Village: a native place were to experience the culture through a Haka ceremony, a traditional performance and the hangi feast.


To experience Rotura, and many other New Zealand’s wonderlands visit

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  1. Beautiful guys, was nice to see the way you captured our country through your eyes, through photos and words as to what interested you both! Sounds like you enjoyed it all and great to see you immersed yourself in experiencing the culture side of things also. Loved the shots of the waka coming down the stream :)

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