Yellowstone, a magical place

After a few days on the road, driving around Wyoming and Montana, we approached Yellowstone National Park through the North Entrance. As it was still winter (or almost spring) – and many roads where closed, it was the only opened entrance for the public.
Not sure if it was perfect timing, but there wasn’t many (almost no one) around, and it was great for a park visit.

Approaching the park was awesome, wildlife was already everywhere, buffalos or bison where the welcome retinue for us!

We made our way to the “Mammoth Campground” – the only campground opened at that time of the year – and we found a perfect spot to park the RV with a beautiful view. Waking up every day was an epic experience, instead of turning on the TV and watching some wildlife show on Discovery Channel while having breakfast, instead we had it right there: deers, elks, buffalos and foxes around our campsite just having their breakfast too.

Everyday was just a different adventure, the only constant was seeing lots of wildlife in different backgrounds, with snow, without, forests, geysers, rivers, etc. 

One morning we went snowshoeing for a couple of miles to “Tower Falls”, visitors can usually drive to this waterfalls, but because it was winter time, roads were close for the snow and waterfalls were frozen. Luckily we didn’t have any bear encounter…Once we where hitting our way back, it started snowing a lot, it was magical watching the bisons eating grass by the side of the road all covered in white, and meeting some big horn sheep crossing the road. Just like we’ve seen it in Animal Planet.

Geysers where just everywhere, kind of like the earth was breathing, there are just in random places, the Old Faithful was beyond spectacular, huge tons of sediment sitting there and the steam coming out on top.

Nights at Yellowstone offers some epic star view that we manage to get it in camera, and the campervan was the perfect lodging for this experience, hope you guys enjoy the photos as much we enjoy spending a week in the magical place.




Categories: MOUNTAIN, nature, roadtrip, SNOW, travel

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