Milford Sound, where mountains meet the ocean

Milford Sound was always on the top of our minds when thinking about our visit to New Zealand. We’ve heard amazing stories and seen unreal pictures about this place.

We spent two days in Queenstown, beautiful place, located in the southern island. This town remind me of a mix of Patagonia and Lake Tahoe, CA absolutely beautiful.

We drove for approximately 4 or 5 hours form Queenstown to Fiorlands, you can really tell when you are getting closer to Milford Sounds (the last fjord); those peaks really come out from the middle of the forest, it’s shocking and beautiful, plus you can feel the weather difference, cold and humid.


We stayed at the ecocamp of Milford Sound, that was only 5 minutes away from the port where all the boats and kayak tours depart.

The entire area is super green, humid and amazing. It’s the home of sea lions, penguin, many birds and wild life, and oh yes MOSQUITOS!…

We spent only a day and a half (which is perfect timming) – the first afternoon we arrived we took the last ferry tour that took us around the fiords all the way to the ocean, it was great to see what was all about. But the cherry of the cake was on our second day: we kayaked all through and around the fiords, having a wow experience of the size of the fiords, the sound of the wind, and the experience of being under the waterfalls… yes, many many waterfalls. We took the first kayak tour, 8am which lasted until midday: must do of any NZ visitor.


Here the legend about the place: Supposedly Milford (Piopiotahi  in Maori) was carved out by Tu-te-raki-whanoa, who was tasked with the great responsibility of shaping the Fiordland coast on New Zealand’s South Island. Hacking and hewing away at the high mountain rock with his ax, he worked his way north, getting better and better with each fiord. Milford Sound, the 16th and final fiord, was his best and masterpiece.But oh no, we can’t end there…There was a bitchy goddess, Hinenui-te-Po, who released the sandflies (terrible mosquitos), te namu (little devils), into Milford Sound to keep people away from such a beautiful place – so no one could ever stay there forever.

Moral of the story? Don’t forget to pack bug spray if you come to Milford Sound, hands down!



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