Yosemite, wow!

Most people probably heard about Yosemite, and many other have seen it without even knowing it it, and this is because is the main wallpaper for MacBooks  :)
And yes – if you have the chance to visit it, you’ll find out you can have your own wallpaper just snapping whatever phone, or camera you have, the place is easy to shoot, its just there, so real and so perfect – spectacular waterfalls and stunning monoliths that create a overall majestic landscape.

The park is located in western Sierra Nevada, California – its recognized for it granite cliffs, waterfalls, sequoias, lakes and wilderness – but mainly easily associated for this large rocks walls – it was also recognized as the birth place for rock climbing, just saying…

Its visited for about 4 million people a year, so yes, it gets touristy if you visit the main features during high season – and if you consider camping there is a serious competition for some campsites – including lottery and months of previous reservations.

Well now, this is our experience:

We ‘planned’ a Cali-trip for the month of October, and as for ‘planned’ I mean we had the plane tickets, a super wow equipped Jeep Wrangler from our friend FrontRunners and just the idea of visiting Yosemite. We planned a draft of our roadtrip and it was: LA –  Joshua Tree – Death Valley – Yosemite – Big Sur – LA – we kind of respected it, ending up with extras stops in Palm Springs and Sta Barbara.

Yosemite was our next Destination after Joshua, we planned to enter the park through the east side – which made us skip the Sequoia part – but at that time of the year snowfalls alredy started and not all the entrances were opened. The road were stunning, leaving the dessert, and entering the mountains of Mammoth.

IMG_0557.JPG Before entering the park, we did a short stop at Mono City – a small city close to the entrance – and buy supplies for our stay, fact it was snowing.
This lake, was right after our entrance to the park, a great welcome to Yosemite. After, we had like a 2 hours drive to Yosemite Valley, where we were camping for a fe days.

We arrived late night to Yosemite and camped at Lower Pines, we booked it online that same day – only one spot left. It was pooring so we managed to pop up the tent, cook some pasta and go to sleep.
Next morning was neat! We found out we were right in front of a river… and once the clouds moved away, the Capitan was there! Magic.

That day we hiked to Nevada and Vernal Falls – it’s a mellow hike but the falls are worth it. As you are going up, you go loosing tourists on the way… so once you get up there, you can enjoy them fine. Plus it was raining like crazy, so there were barely no one but us.

Our house / tent / car during our trip. The side roof was everything to enjoy the outdoors during the non stop rain in Yosemite.
As long it rained, we could start any fire, so we mainly cooked with gas. The kitched supply at the trunk of the kitchen, was great and convenient for every meal.

Our camp view at Lower Pinner Campground, located in Yosemite Valley.

Hiking to Vernal falls under the rain.

Once we got up the falls, we descend through the Capitan side. It was a long walk, but worth it – no people at all! We ended at the Valley, frozen and soaked, we stop buy the general store, had a burger and tried to dry our socks at the bathroom dryer.

Next day, the sun showed up during the day, and we did the “Four Mile Hike” which started at the Valley and ended up at Glacier point. The hike was amazing, great view of the valley, the Yosemite Falls, the Capitan, and the Half Dome. Totally worth spending the day hiking it. It was long, maybe 7 hrs roundtrip? The harder part of course is going up, once you get there it is stunning – but must say a bit disappointed that once in Glacier Point it was suuuuper crowded!

We realized you can get there by car, or tourist bus,….. so people go there for the lanscaep, and well…. its a little bit sad if you want to relax and chill after your hike, and you find a tourist world going on up there, kids running, selling ice cream, cars traffic… That said,  we had a soup (yes we took the gas) and we started our way down. It was fast!!! We run for some parts, specially when we found out that there was a Wildcat in our track – we haven’t seen him tho, but we group up with other people on the trail and descended as a loud group to intimidate the cat….

Yosemite Falls, are the tallest falls in North America.

Half Dome view from Glacier Point. The Half Dome is a cracked block of granite gnawed by a glaciar.

The 3rd day we walked around the valley, visit the famous Yosemite Falls – some lakes, and checked out some view points. As the rain didn’t want to leave, and all of clothes and equipment were wet, we decided to quit the park and gain some other day in the coast.
Yosemite is incredible, but the rain was quite annoying for the kind of trip we planned over, specially, because we were camping. But we are sure we will be back in Yosemite, and get revenge.

” No temple made with human hands can compare with Yosemite” John Muir.

Our Recommendations:
Avoid holiday weekends. Expect full campgrounds from June to August, be sure to reserve accommodations before attempting an overnight visit.

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  1. Los sigo a los dos desde épocas y amo sus fotos y todos los destinos que eligen!!! Es increíble como captan la esencia del lugar y te teletransportan ahí. Unos genios!!


    • Gracias!! Venimos un poco atrasados con los posts – Hans nos tuvo relegados… pero ya van a salir mas seguido… y pronto empiezan los posts de aventura en familia :) besos!


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