The welcome snowfall in Bariloche

Snowfall are like a coin with two faces, on one hand for us, the snowsports lovers, we take it as a blessing fallen from the sky, but sometimes the snow brings problems, such routes blocks, avalanches , problems in airports.. and most of the storm days at Cerro Catedral Alta Patagonia in Bariloche the lifts are not running.

For me, the trip to Bariloche, had two faces. On one side I love it, it’s finally going to be that little piece of paradise i’m eagering on the edge of Lake Nahuel Huapi, but on the other hand there are all these preparations: we never travel light, among all the equipment of snowboard, our dogs, all the photo gear, all the products of the clients that we work for, and the baby stuff…
This year, Hans joined our crew, our baby who travelled with us to this trip with only 2 months old. Hans and my wife Agustina traveled by plane this year and me in the truck accompanied me by the dogs and my brother-in-law Rafael, the truck was overload this year, so we went very slowly, in fact we ran out of gasoline in La Pampa, and when I went back to Buenos Aires I had to change the two rear shock absorbers for the heavy weight.

But the good side of the coin is that every time we get to that incredible house it snows and literally we are there, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of everything.

The days there are amazing, as the sunrise is quite late there we never miss it. I wake up every day, look out the window and there is the Nahuel Huapi lake, we quickly get dressed, grab the camera and go out while the baby sleeps, the dogs come first running with a feeling of incredible freedom, we go down to the lake or to stroll around the Circuito Chico.

That first day we got an incredible sunrise and then it stormed with a heavy snow. As the resort just opened only a couple of lift, we decide stay at home and improvise some features to jib. This is the welcoming snowfall, facing Bariloche is a psychological moment for me with many miles of route and preparations to later arrive and feel the freedom to be where I always want to be.


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