Upstate New York

I bet when you think of New York, the buildings immediately pop in to your mind, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the yellow cabs, and that particular smell of the streets. Amazing city NYC, but the state involves some other areas not that vibrant, but still magical and yet energizing for those sicking for nature.

We were visiting NYC, Manhattan to be exactly, and were wondering of a place to break through the city, explore a new area, and heard there were lots to visit upstate.
We were wondering where to go as people mention us several areas: The Cathills, Lake George, roatripping Vermont, or Philapephia…. but what caught our attention was the region of the Adirondacks, and the place we chose to visit was Lake Placid: a village known for being home of the Winter Olympics back in the days (1932 /1980).

The Adirondacks its a mountain area upstate within a few hours drive from NYC, it consists  of spectacular landscapes-sky-high mountains, endless forests and abundant waters – amazing lakes!
Fall was the perfect timing to visit the area as all the trees had amazing colors, and pictured the perfect scenario for a roadtrip.
The region is a haven for hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting and swimming in cool mountain lakes. As we were entering winter, we just could experience some hikes and walks around town. Also, we were with our 5 months baby and couldn’t adventure the real wilderness.

We spent there 3 days. One highlight was the Ausable- Chasm: walking through wild waterfalls, gorges and amazing rock formations. As is was off-season, we were the only ones in the place, and made it an amazing experience.
Visiting Whiteface Mountains is another must do of the area – same as the lakes nearby Tupper and Saranac.

It was a great deep breath before returning back to the city.




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