AMSTERDAM with @Thalys

So we were invited by Thalys to experience #ThalysExplorer, an appealing Eurotrip which proposed: 5 days, 4 countries, 5 destinations. Sounds like a plan, right?Thalys is an European railway company with high speed trains that connects Netherlands – France – Germany – Belgium, but more than destinations, Thalys connects places, people, lifestyle and culture. The trip started in Amsterdam, for Thomas was his first time, for me the second  but long time ago! I was working in London and for my 22nd birthday we met in Amsterdam for the weekend with some friends that were traveling around Europe – but it was another kind of trip, my birthday cake was a space muffin.
But well, this time we randomly arrived on ‘Kings day’ – we found out once we are on the taxi heading to the hotel and he told us most of the streets were closed due this celebration.
It happens its the biggest city party in Netherlands and one of the most important national day. Everyone gets out and party in the street, canals and balconies. The city turns orange and you can feel the party vibe everywhere. It was an unique experience to be there that day! Totally recommend that date to visit Amsterdam, something unique.Next day the Thalys experience started, the day topic was “What a colorful scene!”. We started the day going to Keunkenhof Park  also known as the Garden of Europe, and is one of the world’s largest flower gardens and mainly famous because of the tulips.
This park it’s only open from late March to mid May, so again, we were really lucky for been there during those days. The park it’s truly beautiful, and with different scenarios to experience and get to know more about tulips and other beautiful plants. There is a really nice playground if you plan to visit it with kids.
For lunch we went to Adam Tower and had a lunch with a 360 view, yes the restaurant was rotating while we ate. What a way to experience the city!
For dessert we went to the top floor, the Adam Lookout which is a super cool terrace to chill, have a drink a snack, have a tan or even swing in the tallest swing of Europe.
Amsterdam its all about canals, and what better that to finish the day having dinner on a boat?
For real, Amsterdam it’s one of my favorite cities in Europe. So vibrant, so free, cant wait to be back.
Next day, we had a early wake up call: France was calling.
We headed to the railway station, and got there just 15min before the train departure. No bags to be weighted, no hassle, and we were there sitting comfortable enjoying the views and getting connected with the train wifi while having breakfast. Traveling by train is so easy and pleasant, best way to connects cities around Europe.



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