Sayulita, Pueblo Mágico.

Sayulita it’s much more than a charming village, it’s a Pueblo Mágico. A wonderful town in the Mexican Pacific where tourists mingle with locals in a totally relaxed atmosphere, and where you can easily choose to be a tourist or enjoy being a local for a while.
Unlike other popular Mexicans beach towns, here you can find a laid back village, with a hippie – surfer – local vibe that will make you feel relaxed once you are welcomed by it traditional “papel picado”.

A  ‘Pueblo Magico’  is a goverment initiative to promote a series of towns around the country that offer visitors a “magical” experience – by reason of their natural beauty, cultural richness, traditions, folklore, historical relevance, cuisine, art crafts and great hospitality. There are dozens around Mexico and I can’t speak for others yet, but in Sayulita you can feel the magic.

The spirit is young, you can feel everyone knows everyone. The beach options are wide as the Pacific goes, you can remain at the busy Sayulita Beach, or just walk along the coast and find peace 5 minutes away. If you have a car, many gems are hidden along the area, we had such a little time in the area but spend some time in San Pancho and La Lancha, two beaches to find some quiet and enjoy some natural beauty for your own.
If you are looking for a place to learn how to surf, this is one of the most friendly waves I experienced.

If you are thinking about a surfing, yoga, hiking, sailing or knowing the great local backyard don’t hesitate contacting @goodvibes.adventures two badass women offering adventures in Sayulita.

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ps. fish tacos






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